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Physical Exams For Employees

Our Physicians and staff are experts in screening, analyzing, and documenting requirements for all types of physicals. We are NRCME Certified and offer the complete spectrum of employment physicals.

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Both Annual and Pre-employment Physical Exams
MBI can help your company stay in compliance with OSHA-required medical screening and surveillance exams. We perform surveillance exams for blood-borne pathogens, silica, hexavalent chromium, asbestos, and more.

CDL / Commercial Drivers License
All of our medical providers are certified through the FMCSA to perform DOT physical exams according to the FMSCA regulations. Our providers are required to maintain regular education and certification updates to stay abreast of the most recent guidelines.

Our physical therapists are experts in movement. Prospective employees can be tested on their baseline movement and physical abilities to ensure they are able to perform the essential functions of their potential job.

Baseline testing at the time of hire can help guide clinicians in recovery expectations should an injury occur. Knowing the employees history and baseline function at the time of hire can help set attainable recovery endpoints in the case of a work related injury.

Return to work exams can be requested by an employer when an employee has been absent from work due to a non-work related medical condition. Our clinicians can evaluate the patient, review medical records, and determine if the patient is capable of safely returning to their job.

Physical abilities testing is performed in our physical therapy department to objectively evaluate if a potential employee is physically capable of performing their essential job functions.

A respiratory physical is performed before an employee is allowed to wear a respirator. We follow OSHA standards to evaluate an employee’s ability to use a respirator. We also perform fit testing at the time of hire and annually to ensure the proper fit of the respirator.

Fitness for duty exams can be performed to assess if a current employee is physically, mentally, and safely performing their job duties. These exams are requested by employers where there is concern that an employee may be unable to safely perform their job duties to the point that it poses a safety risk to the employee or others.

Customized Physical Exams For Your Business

We can custom tailor a pre-employment program unique to your business’s needs. We offer a variety of physical exams and pre-employment testing services to help mitigate injuries and turnover that occur when a potential employee is not physically able to complete their job.


What Makes MBI’s Physical Exam Services Unique?

Our ergonomically trained physical therapists are able to asses your job site and evaluate specific job demands and provide recommended improvements to prevent injuries.


We can customize pre-employment physical requirement testing which mirrors the essential functions of each position to ensure the candidate can perform the job duties.

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Our brand of dedicated recovery care is unique. With locations across multiple states, we provide your employees with convenient access to care.


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