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Why Choose Medicine for Business and Industry (MBI)?

MBI Inc - Medicine for Business and Industry - Compassionate Care

Unmatched Care, Unbeatable Compassion

Founded in 1982, MBI has an impeccable track record of client and patient satisfaction. MBI features conveniently located clinics that provide your injured employees access to our highly skilled medical providers and physical therapists. Our treatment centers ensure a full recovery as well as a timely return to work for the employee.


How MBI Can Serve Your Business

Our integrated care model, advanced technology, and dedicated staff make MBI the clear choice for best in class occupational healthcare services. Explore the different ways we can elevate your operations:

Cost and Duration Reduction: Our hands-on injury care approach reduces case costs and durations, helping you save on workers’ compensation expenses.


Full Recovery Path: We provide a clear plan of care to complete recovery for your injured employees, ensuring they return to work with minimal risk of reinjury.


Increased Profitability: Timely care for your employees and appropriate treatment can result in increased productivity for your organization.

Workers’ Compensation Management: Benefit from our proactive management of workers’ compensation cases, leading to appropriate treatment and fewer referrals to physical therapy.


Direct Communication: We facilitate direct communication between employers, Adjusters and treating physicians, streamlining the workers’ compensation process and making it easier for you to manage.

Quality Care: You can expect a higher level of overall satisfaction as we offer quality care for your work-related injuries, ensuring both patient and employer satisfaction.


Swift Recovery: Our individualized approach to injury care treatment leads to an expedited patient recovery process, reducing case duration and increasing productivity.


Immediate Attention: Our walk in centers and dedicated staff are available for immediate medical attention, ensuring you and your employees receive the care you need, when you need it.

Specialized Providers: Benefit from specialized medical providers trained in occupational medicine, who are board-certified and Level II* accredited, providing you with expert care.


Convenient Facilities: Our clinics are designed exclusively for work-related injuries, offering convenient and accessible care facilities with minimal waiting times.


Spanish-Speaking Support: We understand the importance of effective communication, which is why we provide Spanish-speaking medical providers and translators to assist you.

*Certifications and accreditations vary by state

What Makes MBI the Best Option For Your Business?

MBI is the obvious choice for your business’s occupational healthcare needs. Our exclusive dedication to workplace injuries and Occupational Medicine, coupled with specialized medical professionals and state-of-the-art clinics across the Western United States, ensures swift, complete, and effective care. Medicine for Business and Industry maximizes employee well-being, minimizes downtime, and optimizes your company’s overall productivity.

We are a one-stop shop for all your industrial injury needs.

“Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering.”

– Dalai Lama –

Who is MBI?

Medicine for Business and Industry treats the injured, not the ill. With over 40 years of workers’ comp industry experience, the MBI team understands the needs of employers and their employees. We are not an urgent care – we are the experts in providing occupational injury care to our clients’ employees. Because of our dedication to treating injured workers, MBI sees patients at the time of injury and begins treatment immediately.

Our approach to occupational injury care and case management ensures timely, and effective treatment designed to return employees to their pre-injury functionality and to the workplace as soon as is physically appropriate.


Because we treat the injured and not the ill – your employees are protected from unwanted illnesses, get the necessary treatment they need and are on the road to recovery faster.

Find an MBI Location Near You

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Our brand of dedicated recovery care is unique. With locations across the multiple states, we provide your employees with convenient access to care.


Let MBI manage the path to recovery for your injured workers. Call us today or find one of our many convenient MBI locations near you!

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