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Work Injury Care Specialists

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Quality Occupational Healthcare

Our injury care specialists provide the highest quality occupational healthcare. Each center is led by an experienced medical director who leads a team of multidisciplinary clinicians who guide each injured worker through their recovery. Our treatment teams include physicians with extensive backgrounds in occupational medicine, preventive medicine, orthopedics, sports medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, and more.


Our physicians partner with advanced practice practitioners (APPs), doctorate-level physical therapists, and other allied health specialists to provide comprehensive treatment programs aimed at returning the injured worker to full function as quickly as possible.


Dedicated Injury Care Experts

Because work injuries are our sole focus, MBI Medical Providers are experts in evaluating and treating all aspects of the injured worker. Our clinicians focus on the details: precisely how the injury occurred, an assessment of contributing factors, detailed physical exams, and comprehensive workup of the injury.


We focus on the injured worker and what their essential job functions require to assess work capacity and guide recovery goals. Our providers do not treat other types of patients, the injured worker is our top priority. We do not provide urgent care or other sick visit services, so our patients are not exposed to illnesses while receiving care in our clinics. The injured worker always comes first!

Injury Prevention Assessments

The best injury is one that never occurs in the first place. Through our pre-employment assessments, we make sure your employee is able to perform the essential functions of the job they are hired for.


Each pre-employment assessment starts with a medical history review and physical exam with our injury care experts. A review of their current health status and the requirements for the job they are applying for are also evaluated.

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Next, based on the employer’s preference, the employee can be put through a range of physical tasks with our physical therapy team to demonstrate their physical abilities for the job. Testing is typically individualized to a job or company and often incorporates standardized measures based on US Department of Labor job classifications. Based on the results of the physical exam and physical abilities testing, the clinician will determine if the employee is able to perform the essential functions of the job.

What Makes MBI’s Injury Care Unique?

From the pre-employment assessment screening aimed at preventing injury to expert injury care services when accidents do occur, MBI is a full-scope occupational healthcare provider focused on serving employers and their employees. Our comprehensive facilities allow our patients to receive the treatment at a single location. With direct provider communication, and MBI’s web portals, employers will be updated on their employees condition timely.


We provide open-access walk-in services to our patients and employers, so you can receive the care and services on your schedule. Lastly, we are experts at helping employers and injured workers navigate the complex workers’ compensation system. Occupational health is all we do, and we do it better than the rest!


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