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Who is MBI?

Medicine for Business and Industry (MBI) is a leading provider of occupational injury care services in the Southwestern United States.


MBI serves a wide array of employers through its integrated care model. Our occupational healthcare services include medical injury care and physical therapy rehabilitation. We also provide employment-related physical exams as well as a full spectrum of employee testing and screening services.

Compassionate & Convenient

MBI’s investment in technology coupled with our highly skilled staff of medical providers and physical therapists make us an industry leader in occupational healthcare services. Medicine for Business and Industry was founded in 1982 and has a track record of strong employer and patient satisfaction.


MBI is the provider of choice among employers for the treatment and management of workplace injuries. We understand the unique needs of injured workers, their employers, and payers. MBI is dedicated to delivering compassionate, knowledgeable, and convenient care tailored to meet the needs of injured employees and their employers.

Reduced Claim Cost

Shorter Wait Times

Enhanced Care

What Makes MBI Unique?

Medicine for Business and Industry is solely dedicated to treating workplace injuries and performs Occupational Medicine services. Our walk-in and early intervention system enables us to begin treatment immediately, returning healthy and happy employees back to the workplace more timely.


Specializing exclusively in Work Related Injury care and Occupational Medicine MBI fills a unique niche for Employers and their Injured Employees. We work directly with companies to help treat, rehabilitate, and monitor work-related injuries, in addition to performing, pre-employment screening and physical fitness testing, medical monitoring, and lab testing services.

MBI - Occupational Injury Care Specialist - Ankle Sprain Recovery - Medicine for Business and Industry

Our team of board-certified medical providers and physical therapists are singularly qualified to address acute and chronic conditions in our state-of-the-art outpatient clinics. This means your employees can be seen without the urgent care wait times and begin treatment immediately.

Committed to our Patients & Partners

At MBI, our commitment to our patients goes beyond treating injuries. We partner with employers in managing the workers’ comp insurance process while we assist patients in their recovery.


Since 1982, our focus has been to provide the best outcomes for getting employees back to health and back to work. MBI pledges to provide convenient access to care through our many state-of-the-art outpatient clinics.

Founded in 1982, MBI has established itself as an industry-leading injury care and Occupational Medicine provider throughout the Western United States.

Contact MBI

Our brand of dedicated recovery care is unique. With locations across multiple states, we provide your employees with convenient access to care.


We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Call us today or find one of our many convenient MBI locations near you!

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